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Royal Supreme · Ekras India

Royal Supreme

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Royal Supreme

Ekras Royal Supreme Basmati Rice

If you are a fan of traditional Indian Basmati Rice this product is sure to appeal. EKRAS BASMATI RICE is a Steam Basmati Rice and it’s sprouted from the heart of Basmati growing land of Indian Terai Region. EKRAS BASMATI RICE exotic New class of Basmati. It embodies not just a few but all the attributes of a true Basmati, Smooth, Pearl white grains that are extra fine and long. That means you can serve it to your loved once without concern!

Cooking Tips

Pre-cooking: For best results, rinse the rice thoroughly, soak the rice for 30 minutes in lukewarm RO water prior to cooking.

Open pan: 5 cups of water for 1 cup of rice.

  1. In a large cooking pot, bring water to a rolling boil.
  2. Add the drained rice and stirgently.
  3. Cook uncovered for 6-7 minutes on medium heat Drain and rinse with more boiling water.
  4. Strain excess water and serve.

Closed pan: cups of water for 1 cup of rice.

  1. Bring water and rice boil.
  2. Cover the pan with a tight lid and let it simmer for 9-10 minutes.
  3. Remove from heat and allow it to stand covered for minutes.

The Guarantee of Quality

The high nutritional value, low-fat content, easy digestibility, and above all the guarantee of quality give it an enviable stature. Little wonder, that Steam Basmati Rice can turn even the most ordinary dishes into delicacies. If you are satisfied with its quality. Do share it with your friends. Do write to us at the address mentioned if you have any suggestions.

Nutritional Information

  • Per 100 gm (¾ cup) (approx)
  • Yield – 2.25 cups cooked (3 times)
  • Not a significant source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Sodium, Calcium, Iron, Fatty Acid, Cholesterol


100 Gm
% Daily Value
Energy 344 Kcal 14 %
Protein 6.7 Gm 13%
Carbohydrates 77 Gm
Fat 0.5 Gm 2%
Dietary Fibre 1.5 Gm
Potassium 105 Mg 2 %
Magnesium 65 Mg 21 %
Phosphorus 120 Mg 17 %
Thalamine (B1) 0.45 Mg 36 %
Roboflavin (B2) 0.05 Mg 4 %
Nlachin (B3) 4.1 Mg 10 %
Ekras Royal Supreme -25KG

Lic. No. : 12721003000066

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